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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Vascular Surgery Training at U-M

Our mission is to train future leaders of academic Vacular Surgery.

  • Compassionate physicians
  • Technical excellence
  • Mature judgment
  • Leadership skills
  • Research experience

Facts and Stats

  • Fellowship Founded 1982
  • Residency Founded 2007
  • 9 Vascular Surgeons, 3 Research Faculty
  • Faculty and ACGME surveys consistently above the national average
  • 100% vascular surgery QE and CE pass rate
  • Comprehensive vascular surgery curriculum
  • Endovascular simulation lab
  • Scholarly development plan with mentoring program

Advanced Clinical Experience

  • Breadth of advanced clinical experience across 3 locations: University of Michigan Hospital – Frankel Cardiovascular Center, Ann Arbor VA, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
  • Multidisciplinary approach to peripheral vascular, aortic and venous disease
  • Mainly even distribution of open and endovascular cases
  • Exposure to all aspects of vascular surgery including ‘boutique’ practices (advanced open aortic surgery, fEVAR, vertebral reconstructions and pediatric vascular surgery)


Residency Fair
  • 2 years of protected and funded ‘Academic Development’ between the third and fourth clinical years
  • Rich NIH and DOD funding: Venous Thrombosis, Vascular Trauma, Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • T-32 Training Grant (Basic Science and Outcomes Research)
  • Multiple national clinical trials
  • Resident funding to encourage regional and national presentations

Contact Us

Program Director: Dawn Coleman, MD

Associate Program Director: Nicholas Osborne, MD