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Research Faculty
Thomas W. Wakefield, M.D.
Thomas W. Wakefield, M.D.
Professor and Head, Section of Vascular Surgery
James C. Stanley Professor of Vascular Surgery

5463 Cardiovascular Center
Ann Arbor, MI 48109 SPC 5867
Telephone: (734) 936-5850
Fax: (734) 647-9867

Research in the Wakefield portion of the Jobst Vascular Laboratory involves evaluating at the role of inflammation in thrombogenesis. Using both rodent and primate animal models, we have studied the relationship of inflammation to thrombosis and thrombus amplification. We have found that selectins, specifically P-selectin, appear to be quite important in the thrombogenesis process. For example, if P-selectin is inhibited with either an antibody or a small molecule inhibitor, the amount of thrombus that forms is decreased or totally prevented from forming in different animal models. We believe that this is due to the influence of selectins on microparticle formation. Microparticles are fragments that are procoagulant by virtue of tissue factor and other membrane surface phenomenon. Currently in the laboratory we are investigating the role of microparticles in thrombosis. We work on oral compounds for inhibiting P-selectin that could be used in place of anticoagulants for venous thrombosis prophylaxis and treatment and we are investigating new biomarkers for the diagnosis of clinical DVT.

We have a second effort looking at the role of plasminigine activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) in venous thrombosis. The role of PAI-1 in venous thrombosis is an emerging topic of great interest in the field of venous thrombosis. With this work, we are studying thrombogenesis, vein wall/thrombus inflammation, the production of procoagulant microparticles and thrombus/vein wall fibrosis. Again, the goal of this work is to establish new prophylactic and treatment strategies for venous thrombosis.

We collaborate actively with many laboratories both in and outside of surgery.

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