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Scar Care Instructions

Sunscreen Recommendations for Scars

  • We recommend that all patients use a sunscreen when outside but especially on new scars (that are exposed to sunlight) for a year after their procedure.

  • The SPF should be at least 35. Follow the application directions on the bottle.

Why is it so Important to Use Sunscreen on Scars?

  • A scar is new and more fragile then the surrounding skin.

  • If you do not use sunscreen, the scar line will react differently to the sun than the surrounding skin.

  • If you don't use sunscreen, the scar tissue will become darker than surrounding skin. This is a hyper-pigmented scar and will remain darker than the other skin.

  • After one year, the scar and surrounding skin should react equally to sun.

Superficial Scar Massage

  • Scar massage desensitizes and reduces scar adhesions so skin glides freely.

  • Rub in a circular motion on and around the scar with firm, even pressure for 5 minutes four times per day

  • You can start scar massage once incision is completely healed and strong enough to handle the motion (usually 10 - 14 days post operatively).

  • You use lotion to do the scar massage to allow ease with motion over the scar and prevent friction at the area.

Please note that your physician may modify these instructions