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JP Drain Site Care - After Removal


  • You may shower 48 hours after your drain is removed. If you have more than one drain, you can not shower until the last drain has been out for 48 hours.

  • The dressing that was applied to the site where the JP drain(s) was pulled can be left on for the remainder of the day.

  • The medical assistant or nurse will give you a 3 day supply of antibiotic ointment and cover dressings for the site(s).

  • Starting the day after your drain has been pulled, removed the old dressing, cleanse the area with a new bottle of peroxide and water (50/50), apply the antibiotic ointment to the gauze &/or band aid and then apply that to the area where the drain was pulled. Secure with tape if you have the gauze.

  • This dressing only needs to be done daily for 3 days. If, however, you have drainage leak out of the site where the dressing becomes saturated, please change the dressing again. This happens more often on the day the drain(s) are pulled or the day after removal.

  • By the 3rd day after a drain pull, the skin has sealed up and you should not need to apply antibiotic ointment or a dressing anymore.

  • Depending on the location of the old drain site, you may want to place a dry gauze to prevent clothing from rubbing on the area e.g.: bras and waistbands of pants can be irritating to these sites for a little while longer than those 3 days after removal.

  • Please feel free to call our clinic with any additional questions or concerns related to this information.

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