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Integra Dressing Post-Op Instructions

Integra is a temporary dressing used in a wound bed to create an environment that will potentially support a skin graft. This dressing is left in place until the physician is ready to graft the area. Special wound dressing is required, to make sure this area is cared for in the optimum way, to help the eventual skin graft take.

Depending on your surgeon, you will be instructed to do one of the following dressing changes:

Instruction #1

  • The wound needs to stay moist at all times.
  • Use moistened 4X4 gauze or size that fits, covering all areas of the Integra.
  • Change the dressing, twice per day and if dressing falls off.
  • Moisten the gauze over the Integra, every three to four hours using normal saline solution, to prevent the Integra from drying out.
  • At night you may cover the dressing with saran wrap, to keep moist through the night. However you must remove the Saran wrap first thing in the morning, since Saran wrap does not breathe and can promote the growth of bacteria.

Instruction #2

  • The wound needs to stay moist.
  • Cover the entire piece of Integra with Xeroform and cover the Xeroform with gauze.
  • This dressing is done daily.

Signs of Infection

  • Increased redness around the wound.
  • Increase in pain or swelling.
  • Drainage from the site.
  • If the yellow fluid under the Integra becomes cloudy or the Integra turns black.

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