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To further perpetuate the ideals of excellence and innovation in plastic surgery, education and research that were so well exemplified by Doctor Dingman, the Reed O. Dingman Society limits its membership to those who hae met very specific criteria. These are detailed in the organization's by-laws.

Membership Application (pdf)


Date Graduated


Paul S. Cederna, MD, - Section Head 2012 - Present
William M. Kuzon, Jr., MD, PhD - Section Head 2002 - 2012
2014 Frank Fang, MD
2014 Erika Sears-Davis, MD
2013 Rafael Diaz-Garcia, MD
2013 Benjamin Levi, MD
2013 Christopher Pannucci, MD
2012 Anita R. Kulkarni, MD
2012 Adam J. Oppenheimer, MD
2011 Brent M. Egeland, MD
2011 Jennifer F. Waljee, MD
2011 Laura A. Monson, MD
2010 Jeffrey H. Kozlow, MD
2010 Keith C. Wolter, MD
2010 Andrew W. Zywghuizen, MD
2009 Michael L. Bernstein, MD
2009 Emily S. Hu, MD
2009 Ian Lytle, MD
2008 Edwin Y. Chang, MD
2008 Joon Y. Choi, MD
2008 Jafar S. Hasan, MD
2007 Timothy Janiga, MD
2007 Salvatore Pacella, MD
2007 Douglas Sammer, MD
2006 Christi Cavaliere, MD
2006 Catherine Curtin, MD
2006 Jonathan Wilenski, MD
2005 Gregory Borschel, MD
2005 Sameer Jejurikar, MD
2005 Robert Rodrigues, MD
2004 Amy Alderman, MD, MPH
2004 Marlene S. Calderon, MD, PhD
2004 Samuel T. Rhee, MD.
2004 Andrew H. Rosenthal, MD
2003 Steven Haase, MD
2003 Richard Klein, MD
2002 J. Jason Wendel, MD
2002 Lawrence Tong, MD
2002 Lynn Jeffers, MD
David J. Smith, Jr., MD - Section Head 1987 - 2002
2001 Ramin Behmand, MD
2001 Hector Irizarry, MD
2001 Michael Thompson, MD
2000 David L. Brown, MD
2000 James Coleman, MD
1999 Joseph Fodero, MD
1999 Loree Kalliainen, MD
1999 Karen Selden, MD
1998 Steven Kasten, MD
1998 Leslie Cohen, MD
1998 Wayne Ozaki, DDS, MD
1997 Clifford King, MD
1997 William M. Kuzon, Jr., MD, PhD
1997 Paul Cederna, MD
1996 John Castle, MD
1996 Thomas Fiala, MD
1996 Paul Vanek, MD
1995 Michael Freedland, MD
1995 Michael Sweet, MD
1994 Richard Beil, Jr., MD
1994 Kevin Chung, MD
1994 Matthew Furst, MD
1993 Steven Gitt, MD
1993 Jeffrey D. Wagner, MD
1993 Noel Tannebaum, MD
1992 J. R. Adams, MD
1992 Edwin N. Austin, MD
1992 Daniel A. Ladin, MD
1992 Dann K. Leonard, MD
1991 William W. Dzwierzynski, MD
1991 Kenneth W. Shaheen, MD
1990 Jeffrey Goldstein, MD
1990 Toby Meltzer, MD
1990 Christopher Prevel, MD
1989 Jonathan Hall, MD
1989 Charles Kessler, MD
1989 Christine Sullivan, MD
1988 Vigen Darian, MD
1988 Jeffrey Kyllo, MD
Steven Mathis, MD - Section Head 1986 - 1987
1987 Abram Nguyen, MD
1987 Kim Fang, DDS, MD
1987 John Iacobucci, MD
Louis C. Argenta, MD - Interim Section Head 1985 - 1986
1986 Craig VanderKolk, MD
1986 James Thornton, MD
1986 Martin Adson, MD
Reed O. Dingman, MD - Section Head  1982 - 1985
1985 Rodney Rohrich, MD
1985 Jeffrey Hamm, MD
1985 Richard Anderson, MD
1984 Stephen Zucker, MD
1984 Richard Pollock, MD
1984 Roger Friedman, MD
1983 Malcolm Marks, MD
1983 Erlan Duus, MD
1983 Gordon Derman, MD
William C. Grabb, MD - Section Head 1976 - 1982
1982 Glenn Harder, MD
1982 Robert Gilman, MD
1981 Neil F. Jones, MD
1981 Michael Watanabe, MD
1981 Ernest Manders, MD
1980 Jack Gunter, MD
1980 Donald Chapin, MD
1979 Lou Argenta, MD
1979 Jonathan Zelnick, MD
1979 R. Laurence Berkowitz, MD
1978 Paul Dempsey, MD
1978 Paul Izenberg, MD
1978 Eric Austad, MD
1977 Louis Mes, MD
1977 R. Merrel Olesen, MD
1977 M. Haskell Newman, MD
Reed O. Dingman, MD - Section Head 1964 - 1976
1976 Dennis Bucko, MD
1976 Bill Blackburn, MD
1976 Joe Agris, MD
1975 Maxwell MacCollum, MD
1975 Robert Wilensky, MD
1975 Richard Lawrence, MD
1974 John O'Connor, DDS, MD
1974 Bruce Novark, DDS, MD
1974 James Norris, MD
1973 Sigurdur Thorvaldssen, MD, MS
1973 Gary Nobel, MD
1973 Terry Cromwell, MD
1972 Menachem Wexler, MD
1972 Donald Greer, Jr., MD
1972 Dirk Geisterfer, MD
1971 Grant Fairbanks, MD
1971 Carl Berner, MD
1970 Gilbert Kloster, MD
1970 Thomas Hudak,MD
1970 Leonard Grass, MD
1969 Ralph Seaton, Jr., MD
1969 Theodore Dodenhoff, MD
1969 Hernando Ramos, MD
1969 Steve Borocz, MD
1968 Errikos Constant, MD
1968 John Chapple, MD
1968 Fred Wilms, MD
1967 Jim Russell, MD
1967 Robert Knode, MD
1966 Don Davis, MD
1966 Robert M. O'Neal, MD
1965 John Tipton, MD
1964 Morgan Lucid, MD
St. Joseph Hospital Program 1953 - 1963
1963 John Alger, MD
1963 Otto Au, MD
1962 James Stilwell, MD
1962 Gordon Bell, MD
1962 Merritt Mauzy, MD
1961 William Grabb, MD
1958 Paul Natvig, MD
1953 Clyde Litton, MD

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Date Graduated Name Originating Program
1981 Paul Tomljanovich, MD  
1981 Neil F. Jones, MD England
1979 Hassan Badran, MD Egypt
1978 Khalil Abu-Dalu, MD Israel
1977 Isaac Peled, MD Israel
1976 Jorge Gomez, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1975 Tom Shinabeck, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1974 Alphonse Roy, MD Montreal
1974 Saleem Malik, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1973 V. Sathyvy, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1972 W. Peter McCabe, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1971 Chiu-Hwa (David) Lin, MD Taiwan
1971 David Lin, MD Taiwan
1971 John Balfour, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1971 John Elmquist, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1970 Don Ditmars, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1969 Reza Karimipour, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1967 Chosen Lau, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1967 Woodall, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1966 Harvey Weiss, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1966 Alfred Speirs, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1966 Earl Norling, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1965 Joe Fox, MD Henry Ford Hospital
1963 G.W. Naraywa, MD  
1962 Cesar Olivas Lozoya, MD Henry Ford Hospital

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Date Graduated Name
2015 Yuan Liu, MD
2014 Antonio Rampazzo, MD
2013 Christian Vercler, MD

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Date Graduated Name
2015 Erika Davis Sears, MD
2014 Joshua Adkinson, MD
2013 Jennifer Waljee, MD
2012 Nathan Taylor, MD

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Richard Hainer, MD Associate Faculty Member
John Markley, Jr., MD Associate Faculty Member
Daniel Sherick, MD Associate Faculty Member
David Hing, MD Associate Faculty Member
David Dingman, MD Associate Faculty Member
Steven Buchman, MD Faculty Member
William M. Kuzon, Jr., MD Faculty Member
Edwin J. Wilkins, MD Faculty Member
Adeyiza O. Momoh, MD Faculty Member
Riley S. Rees, MD Past Faculty Member
David J. Smith, Jr., MD Past Faculty Member
Warren L. Garner, MD Past Faculty Member
Tom Stevenson, MD Past Faculty Member
Stephen Mathes, MD Past Faculty Member
Shattuck Hartwell, MD Honorary Member
Gerald Hodge Honorary Member
Denis Lee Honorary Member
Ralph Millard, Jr., MD Honorary Member
Fernando Ortiz Monasterio Honorary Member
John Mustarde, FRCS Honorary Member
Cozy Grabb Wife of Dr. Grabb
LauraLee Lutz Honorary Member
Anne Campbell Natvig Honorary Member
Andrew Pearch Honorary Member
Arthur Rathjen Honorary Member
Donald Wallace, MD Honorary Member
Sally Morley Daughter of Dr. Dingman
Sue Wisler Daughter of Dr. Dingman
Thelma Dingman Wife of Dr. Dingman

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