• September 24, 2009 – The Dick Sarns Innovation Fund

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    Richard Sarns

    Dick Sarns

    The University of Michigan is pleased to announce the Dick Sarns Innovation Fund at our new Medical Innovation Center. A pioneer in biomedical engineering, Dick Sarns’ groundbreaking technologies have improved surgical outcomes for countless patients.

    In collaboration with leading cardiac surgeons at the University of Michigan, Sarns developed the heart/lung machine for use during open-heart surgery, which has become the most noted and widely used product of its kind. The Sarns’ machine was used by Dr. Christian Barnard when he performed the first human heart transplant in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1967.

    Sarns dedicated his career to innovating technical solutions to complex medical problems — designing the tools necessary to advance surgical techniques and practices. Sarns embodies the spirit of our Medical Innovation Center (MIC) and serves as a tremendous inspiration to our fellows.

    The Dick Sarns Innovation Fund will support cutting-edge biomedical research, interdisciplinary collaboration and entrepreneurism at the MIC.

    “By providing the means necessary for our fellows to innovate and follow in the footsteps of pioneers like Dick Sarns, we can transform healthcare throughout the state, the country and the world. Ultimately, progress requires entrepreneurship and the MIC is quickly becoming a key player if the University’s culture of innovation,” Dr. James Geiger, Executive Director Medical Innovation Center.

    Launched in the spring of 2008, the MIC’s mission is to foster innovation and enable new medical technologies by bringing clinicians, scientists, dentists, engineers, and business professionals together through education and research to, ultimately, improve health on a global scale.

    The Michigan Advantage: There are few institutions in the world that feature the robust and collocated resources enjoyed by the University of Michigan — from its world-renowned College of Engineering, Ross School of Business, Medical School, Dental School, School of Nursing, and Institute for Public Health, to its nationally-ranked Health System — components essential to fostering medical innovation.

    Throughout his career, Dick Sarns has collaborated with many of the University of Michigan’s renowned surgeons. In addition to work with Dr. Herbert Sloan and Dr. Otto Gago, Sarns joined forces with pioneering heart surgeon Dr. Joe Morris. Together, Sarns and Morris transformed the field of cardiac surgery, helping to produce canulas, dilators, oxygenators, valves, a sterna saw, an improved heart-lung pump, among many other developments.

    Sarns, along with is wife, Norma, continues to develop new, lifesaving technologies at his latest venture, NuStep, Inc.

    To find out how you can support the Dick Sarns Innovation Fund, please contact Ann Boyd-Stewart.

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