• May 20, 2009 — Stewart Wang, MD, PhD, FACS contributes to development of an injury severity prediction model

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    stewart_wang_video_imageWorking with OnStar and the CDC, Stewart Wang, MD, PhD has developed an Injury Severity Prediction which will allow OnStar advisors to alert first responders when a vehicle crash is likely to have caused serious injury to the occupants.
    The science behind the Injury Severity Prediction is backed by the findings of some of the best minds in the world of crash response and trauma medicine.

    “Seconds matter following severe trauma and accurate assessment of occupant injury severity by rescue personnel at the scene will allow them to properly prioritize the treatment and transport of crash occupants,” said Stewart C. Wang, MD, PhD, FACS, Professor of Surgery at the University of Michigan Trauma Center. “OnStar’s Injury Severity Prediction will help save many lives and prevent the numerous complications that result from delayed treatment of injuries.”

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