• A Letter from the Chair

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    Dr. Mulholland Welcome to the spring-summer edition of In the Loupes. I hope that your summer has been warm, sunny, and relaxing. The days are warm, the grass is green, and it’s fun to be outside.
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  • U-M International Center for Automotive Medicine Opens Its New Doors

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    ICAM-Group-PhotoThe University of Michigan’s International Center for Automotive Medicine (ICAM) officially opened the doors to its new facility at a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony. Participants from a broad spectrum of sectors helped mark the occasion, including more than 100 representatives from 20 automobile manufacturers and suppliers, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other universities. The day-long event reflected on ICAM’s impact to date, and celebrated its important future, with new capabilities and new collaborative research combining trauma medicine, state-of-the-art computer analysis and automotive engineering.
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  • U-M Transplant Center Performs 500th Lung Transplantation Michigan Lung Donor Saves Two Lives

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    499 - 500th Lung TransplantOn January 3, 2011, lifelong Michiganders, Jack Wagner and Dan Roy, both received the same lifesaving call from the University of Michigan Transplant Center: a lung donor match had been found. It turns out, Jack and Dan’s lung transplants would be the 499th and 500th performed at U-M, making the day historic for both the patients and the institution.
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  • U-M Burn Team Travels to Russia for Professional Exchange, Supported by SC Johnson Fund

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    Dr. Stewart Wang
    U-M surgeon and Burn Center Director Dr. Stewart Wang and a team of U-M burn specialists recently visited the Speransky Children’s Hospital and other burn treatment programs in Moscow to share research findings and treatment advancements with burn specialists there. The one-week trip to Russia was supported by a grant from the SC Johnson Fund.
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  • Early Detection Blood Test for Pancreatic Cancer Progresses in U-M Department of Surgery

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    David M. Lubman, PhD
    A team of U-M researchers – led by David M. Lubman, Ph.D., U-M professor of surgery, pathology and chemistry – has identified a protein that shows distinct changes in structure between pancreatic cancer, non-cancerous diseases and normal blood serum. The protein also changes from early stage pancreatic cancer to advanced disease.
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  • Offering New Hope for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer:
    U-M Surgeon Diane Simeone

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    Dr. SimeoneWith a five-year survival rate of just three percent, pancreatic cancer is, by all measures, a deadly disease. Despite widespread progress on other forms of cancer over the past three decades, the overall incidence and mortality rates for pancreatic cancer have changed very little. But a team of researchers, led by U-M surgeon Dr. Diane Simeone, is working to change these dismal outcomes. Perhaps more than any other scientist working on the disease, Dr. Simeone’s research may hold the key to understanding why pancreatic cancer is so deadly, which is the critical first step to making progress for patients.
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  • University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center performs first minimally invasive aortic valve replacement

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    The University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center, a leader in heart valve replacement, has performed its first minimally invasive aortic valve replacement.

    The nationally ranked U-M is among 40 sites in the nation selected for the Medtronic CoreValve U.S. Pivotal trial, a study that will examine an investigational alternative to open heart surgery for patients with severe aortic stenosis.

    Physicians with the U-M aortic program performed the implantation of the Medtronic CoreValve Transcathetic Aortic Valve prosthesis on three patients, April 28-29. Designed to replace a diseased aortic heart valve percutaneously via a catheter, the procedure potentially provides a safe and less invasive alternative to open heart surgery.
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  • Surgery deaths drop nationwide for high-risk surgeries, according to University of Michigan study

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    Surgery death rates have dropped nationwide over the past decade, according to a University of Michigan Health System study that reveals cancer surgeries have seen the most dramatic improvement in safety. The U-M study in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine shows surgery mortality dropped substantially for eight different high-risk surgeries performed on 3.2 million Medicare patients from 1999 to 2008.
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