• Sorting Through the Mammography Controversy

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    (HealthNewsDigest.com) – ANN ARBOR, Mich. — A year after a government panel revised its recommendations for breast cancer screening, many professional organizations have not followed suit.

    Where does this leave the average woman?

    “It would clearly be dangerous for adult women to completely discontinue or avoid mammograms because of the confusion created by the screening controversy. The U-M Breast Care Center follows the recommendations of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network for annual mammograms beginning at age 40, but we encourage women to discuss their individual risk of breast cancer with their physician in order to make a well-informed decision regarding the appropriate age to begin breast cancer screening,” says Lisa Newman, M.D., M.P.H., director of the Breast Care Center at the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center. Read entire article.

  • A Letter from the Chair

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    Dr. MulhollandWelcome to the Fall 2010 version of In The Loupes. I hope that your summer has been warm, relaxing and fun filled. Fall is a time of great excitement at the University of Michigan, as the new school year begins, the weather cools, and the leaves begin to change. Read entire article.

  • Save the Date to Celebrate: 25th Anniversary of the UM Breast Care Center, Thursday, Oct 21, 2010

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    25th Anniversary of the UM Breast Care Center
    This year marks the 25th anniversary of University of Michigan’s Breast Care Center. In 1985, there was no precedent at Michigan for a multidisciplinary treatment center, so the BCC concept took considerable vision. A collaborative effort by many people, Michigan’s BCC was the first academic multidisciplinary breast care center in the country. Read entire article.

  • U-M Congenital Heart Surgery Celebrates 50 Years

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    In 1960, University of Michigan surgeon, Dr. Herbert Sloan, in partnership with pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Aaron Stern, made Michigan history by successfully performing the first pediatric open-heart surgery in the state, and one of the first in the nation. Fifty years later, Kathleen Slagenwhite – the recipient of that surgery – reflects on the experience. Read entire article.

  • A Purveyor of Miracles: U-M’s Beloved Pediatric Heart Surgeon, Dr. Ed Bove

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    Dr. Bove“I’ve always been interested in understanding the mechanics of how things are put together,” says renowned U-M pediatric cardiac surgeon Edward Bove. “My father was an engineer and I grew up going with him to construction sites. What I love about pediatric cardiac surgery is that it’s constructive. Rather than remove something, I build something.” Not just any old something, mind you; Dr. Bove specializes in the building of children’s hearts. An almost unfathomably monumental task, but one he has steadfastly undertaken almost every day for the past 25 years. Read entire article.

  • The Klein Family Fellowships in Esophageal Cancer Research

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    On May 31, 2007, the John A. and Carla S. Klein Family Research Professorship in Thoracic Surgery was inaugurated. David G. Beer, Ph.D., professor of surgery and radiation oncology, was installed as the first recipient of the professorship. Read entire article.