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The Robert Bartlett Professorship in Pediatric Surgery

The Robert Bartlett Professorship in Pediatric Surgery

In light of Dr. Bartlett's pioneering contributions to the U-M and his enormous impact on medicine, the Department of Surgery is pleased to announce the establishment of the Robert Bartlett Professorship in Pediatric Surgery. An endowed professorship of this kind is the highest honor bestowed on a faculty member by the University of Michigan Medical School. The Professorship is named for both Robert H. Bartlett and his father, Robert M. Bartlett, M.D. and will be endowed in perpetuity. The Professorship will help support the University of Michigan faculty and researchers in carrying forward Dr. Bartlett's important work. In this way, his teaching legacy endures.

A Pioneer in Saving Lives

In 1975, as a young surgeon in California, Dr. Robert H. Bartlett used an adapted conventional heart-lung machine to save the life of a newborn baby and ECMO (extra corporeal membrane oxygenation) in newborns began as we know it today. Dr. Bartlett's breakthrough system gave critically ill patients the gift of time, allowing organs to rest and recover after surgery.

Over the ensuing years, with funding from the NIH, Dr. Bartlett further developed the technology of ECMO in newborns, children and adults while at the University of Michigan. Today, ECMO is being used in more than 140 medical centers around the world and has helped tens of thousands of patients. Experts from many countries have come to the University of Michigan to learn the principles of extra corporeal life support - and to study with Dr. Bartlett.

Surgeon and Teacher

For twenty five years, Dr. Bartlett served as the Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the University of Michigan. Thousands of patients were touched by his caring manner and his surgical skill. Countless parents were comforted by his dedication to saving the lives of their struggling children. A generation of gifted research fellows and exceptional surgical residents came to learn from him. Doctors and colleagues were mentored and inspired by him. Medical care across the globe has advanced because of Dr. Bartlett's dedication and work.

Researcher and Scientist

Many of the devices and technologies used today for extra corporeal life support (ECLS) were first developed in Dr. Bartlett's laboratory and then brought to clinical trials in the neonatal, pediatric and adult intensive care units of the U-M Hospital. Today, in every major children's hospital, ECLS is standard treatment for heart and lung failure. Over 30,000 patients have benefitted from his innovative work.

In 2005, Dr. Bartlett retired from surgical practice at the U-M. But his work was not yet complete. The latest phase of his remarkable career has been devoted to the life support research program at the U-M.

How Can We Thank Him?

If Dr. Bartlett has affected your life through teaching, mentoring, healing, research, inspiration or friendship, we invite you to make a gift to support the Robert Bartlett Professorship in Pediatric Surgery. Please contact Ann Boyd-Stewart at 734.678.8166, or call the Department of Surgery Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (800) 588-5844.

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