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Minimally Invasive Parathyroid Surgery

The University of Michigan is one of only a few major medical centers in the United States offering a minimally invasive surgical option for the treatment of parathyroid disease. The majority of these surgeries being performed through an incision less than one inch.

The technique offers distinct advantages over conventional open surgery including:

  • less pain
  • reduced scarring
  • most patients discharged within hours following surgery
  • performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation
  • provides similar cure rates to the conventional approach

Potential candidates for this minimally invasive option include those patients:

  • not suffering from primary or secondary hyperthyroidism
  • with an identifiable enlarged or hyperfunctioning parathyroid gland

Other co-existing medical conditions are also factors.

Learn More About Minimally Invasive Parathyroid Surgery

A video demonstrating a minimally invasive parathryoidectomy is available below. In this, we discuss the criteria used to determine if a patient is a candidate, the finer points of this operative technique and the postoperative care of these patients.

Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy

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